Health and Safety in the Age of COVID-19

We did it again! The LA Unified Division of Adult and Career Education (LA Unified Adult) continues to be at the vanguard of civic education, just as we did during Census 2020. This past summer, LA Unified Adult presented a proposal to the Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System (CASAS) for a new Civics Objective Additional Assessment Plan (COAAP) to realize Executive Director Joseph Stark’s vision of teaching students how to be safe during the current COVID-19 global pandemic. Lo’ and behold, the new Health and Safety COAAP was born! This COAAP will soon be available for school districts around California to use.

Under the leadership of Laura Chardiet, Coordinator of Program & Policy Development for LA Unified Adult, the curriculum team, composed of English Language (EL) Civics Adviser Karla Galleguillos, Myra Arredondo, Jose Luis Montalvo and Gunhye Oh worked fervently in creating compelling, interactive online lessons and assessments to educate students not only on how to be safe during COVID-19, but also how to deal with the different hardships that may arise.

LA Unified Adult would like to thank Ms. Lori Howard, CASAS Program Specialist Coordinator, for working closely with Mrs. Galleguillos in the development of the new Health and Safety COAAP. The COAAP’s curriculum and assessments will be embedded into LA Unified Adult English as a Second Language (ESL) courses starting in late fall and early spring.
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