Congratulations to Harbor OC grad Carmen Bran

Today, we are proud and excited to share the story of Carmen Bran who persevered throughout the pandemic and went on to pass the HiSet Exam and earn her High School Equivalency at Harbor Occupational Center. Hear what she has to say below:
--How did you keep going and not give up?
First, I kept faithful and firmly motivated to prove to myself that I could pass the HiSet examination. Obtaining my High School Diploma and participating in the Graduation Ceremony were my dreams. I was close to completing it when the pandemic hit. At that time, I was one of the students who were sent back home with instructions to wait to be called again when the time allowed. I felt the pandemic challenged me to not give up.
Second, I kept reviewing the lessons and completing my homework while I remained in touch with Mrs. Hosking, my teacher. I asked her about the HiSet examinations. She sent me the web address to find the online examination. I did not hesitate to enroll and ask for those exams. I sat and completed the proctored exams. I felt butterflies in my stomach because my teacher was not the one who was about to exam me. Instead, six different people were involved. I took those exams. To give me confidence, I imagined my teacher was seated by my side. By the end of summer school, I received my scores. Mrs. Hosking was the first person who told me “Congratulations! Carmen, you passed it.” I kept optimistic and headed towards my college enrollment. The past winter 2020, I began to study in college.
Whether in or out of school, I am always learning new skills which will place me in a promising future. I see myself graduating from university and becoming a polite, refined, and well-educated woman. I am anxious to be able to serve others in fruitful ways. I am just beginning working at building my career, and the job is not done yet. I will not give up.
--What advice do you have for others?
The advice that I would share with my classmates: Please be kind and gentle with yourselves. Be patient and work towards your self-improvement step by step. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Realize that you belong here. Know that you are an important part of this society.
--What’s your next goal?
My next goal is to become a nurse. For that reason, I am focused on working every semester on the classes that will eventually put me in nursing school. Yes, it is a process, and it takes time. I love it!
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