Los Angeles County's Re-entry Resource Center Grand Opening

On November 1st, LA Unified Adults very own Navigator, Eduardo Bedoy, had the pleasure of representing the division at the grand opening event of the Los Angeles County's Re-entry Resource Center. 
The new center was created to help returning citizens gain access to resources and support in their efforts to establish themselves, help their families, and become a positive force in their community.  The Re-entry center is located at Alameda Parole Complex on Alameda just south of the 10 freeway and is hosted by the Division of Adult Parole Operation. The event included resources such as the DMV on location to help with IDs to registration for Domestic Violence Classes, housing assistance and vaccination for Co-Vid 19. 
Bedoy states "It was a busy day, helping returning citizens navigate the resources that we have to offer at LA Unified Adult. Some made inquiries concerning our High School Diploma Program and most were interested in vocational training and our Pre-Apprenticeship Program. In all it was a pleasure to connect with the community and help them understand and gain access to the resources we have to offer at LA Unified Adult." 
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