Venice Skills Center Grad Offers Inspiration!

Today, we're sharing a wonderful success story from our very own Venice Skills Center! Ms. Guiso shares some inspiring words for anyone looking to jump back into the world of education!👏
I’m proud to say I graduated from Venice Skills Center. Now that the milestone of high school is behind me, I can’t wait to see what else I can do. My next goal is to purchase a car by the end of the year. The biggest obstacle I had to overcome more than once was the lack of self motivation. Even through the ups and downs, I still managed to pull it together and push forward with the help of Ms. Maren Valent, the online alternative option, and Mr. Gomez. I felt supported the entire way through due to the excellent staff and their consistency. My advice to others who are investing their time for them selves is to remember the reason they’re putting in the work. Visualize the end goal and do everything needed until it is reached, even if he or she feels discouraged. Putting yourself first is worth it, I promise!
Two years ago, I was in a low place. I gave up on the idea of graduating because I told myself it was too much work and it was too late after leaving my third high school. I found out about Venice Skills Center through a loving friend, and decided to give it a try. My whole life changed after putting in the time to better my future and the rest is history! Now, I am nineteen years old and ready to face the next challenge life throws at me. Anyone reading this has the ability to transform into who they want to become by taking it one step at a time. Brick by brick, you can and will reinvent your life with the help of others. Thank you, Venice Skills Center, I will never forget you! 
“Rome wasn’t built in a day.” -John Heywood
Gabriella Guiso 
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