Venice Skills Center ACCT program graduate is an inspiration to others

Darlene Lozano enrolled in the Venice Skills Center Accelerated College & Career Transition Program (ACCT) in February 2020, just a few weeks before the official start of the Covid-19 pandemic, with zero credits. The ACCT Program is an alternative educational path for high school students 16 to 24 years of age who want to earn a high school diploma. Success is based on the quality and quantity of student work. She completed her assignments from home and met with her teacher, Ms. Gonzales, weekly through Zoom. She completed all ten required classes and passed the high school equivalency exam (HiSET) to satisfy the requirements for the Diploma Plus option to earn her high school diploma in about a year and a half.
She plans to become a sonographer (ultrasound technician) to work in a clinic or hospital to serve her community.
Her advice to other students is not to stop trying. Many students have the misconception that they are not good at school or that it is too late. While some students struggle, it does not mean that they cannot do it. As long as students are willing to invest time and effort, they will achieve their goals. Just take the first step, and the second will follow. Stop building up this wall that says that you're not good at something because you are.
She enrolled in the ACCT Program to finish and catch up in school. She was having a hard time at home, and regular school was too fast for her. She never lost hope in herself because she had seen the struggles that her teen parent went through.
She is an example of how capable we are of accomplishing a goal when we commit to it. Darlene knows that. She has achieved a great personal accomplishment and can now continue with confidence in her following educational purposes, knowing that she is equipped with the necessary tools to tackle her future and succeed. She is an inspiration to others.
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