Division of Adult and Career Education
Fiscal Services Contact Information



AC2T Iris Tang 213-241-3764 [email protected]
Apprenticeship Gary Nakano 213-241-3799 [email protected]
Class Fees Iris Tang 213-241-3764 [email protected]
EDD/I-Train Angeline Tran 213-241-3866 [email protected]
LARAEC/DACESIS Lourdes Enriquez 213-241-1254 [email protected]
Operations Verma Sario 213-241-3794 [email protected]
Perkins Divine Olegario 213-241-3720 [email protected]
WIOA Divine Olegario 213-241-3720 [email protected]


Fiscal Services Manager Julie Ly 213-241-3710 [email protected]
Assistant Budget Director Sally Hoy 213-241-1828 [email protected]
Deputy Budget Director Nargis Merchant 213-241-0146 [email protected]