Early Childhood Education Careers


Early Childhood Education helps prepare children, from birth through early elementary school, by providing them with the resources they need and helping them to develop the skills required to succeed along their educational pathways, establish fulfilling careers and learning how to contribute to their communities. Early Child Educators close the school readiness gap that so many children, especially those living in poverty, experience. By becoming an Early Childhood Educator, you not only make a difference for the children you teach, but the adults they become. 


So, start making a difference today by beginning your career journey as an Early Childhood Educator. Begin by training to become a Child Care Aide and Child Care Teaching Assistant. Complete an interest list entry, by following the link below, so we may contact you to answer your questions and register you for class.

Early Childhood Education Career Flyer - EnglishEarly Childhood Education Career Flyer - Spanish

Partnership With the Mayor's Office

Mayor Garcetti’s Office and LA Unified Division of Adult and Career Education (LA Unified Adult) are partnering to support Angelinos along the Child Development career pathway through the Early Child Equity (ECE) Project. The guiding goal for ECE is to eradicate the school readiness gap by 2025, through the recruitment, training and certification of 2,500 new early childhood educators by that time. Our LA Unified Adult students will be a part of this.

Disability Support Services

Please visit http://wearedace.org/dss to contact DSS regarding accommodations or assistance