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On Thursday, October 22, the Los Angeles Regional Adult Education Consortium (LARAEC) hosted a lunchtime workshop to demonstrate how SB 68 qualifies adult education students for in-state tuition and gives them the ability to apply for financial aid through the California Dream Act.

The presentation, which is about an hour long, contains valuable information for all California adult education faculty and staff, but is a must-see for any counselors. You may view the presentation Zoom session, as well as a one-page quick guide on SB 68, from the links below:


View the presentation

Download the quick guide


What does SB 68 do?

It expands in-state tuition eligibility in California beyond AB 540/AB 2000, allowing students to count full-time attendance in community college, adult education, Office of Correction Education programs, and high school to meet the three-year requirement for in-state tuition eligibility.


Who does SB 68 benefit?

Students who don’t have a high school diploma or equivalency certificate issued by California.  It allows them to use an Associate of Arts degree or the fulfillment of UC or CSU minimum transfer requirements to qualify.


What learning outcomes does the presentation provide?

  • Knowing how SB 68 can help undocumented students qualify for in-state tuition and California state aid (CA Dream Act)
  • Understanding the roles of administrators, counselors and educators in supporting their students’ access to these opportunities
  • Comprehending the nuances of this legislation where every case is individual


Important concepts to consider

  • Certain nonresident students (including undocumented students, T and U visa Holders, US citizens and lawfully present immigrants) are exempt from paying nonresident supplemental tuition, if granted an AB 540 exemption (AB 540/AB 2000/ SB 68).
  • The California Dream Act allows undocumented and nonresident students who qualify for SB 540 to receive certain types of financial aid.
https://laraec.org/ Source: LARAEC
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