LA Unified Adult Education Invests in California’s Healthcare Future

Since its inception, the LA Unified Division of Adult and Career Education (LA Unified Adult) has been committed to improving outcomes for our underserved community members by removing barriers and providing access to life-changing educational opportunities. In continuing to bring greater equity to our Los Angeles neighborhoods and help address the current California nursing shortage, LA Unified Adult plans to expand our vocational nursing program throughout the Los Angeles area. By gaining access to our high-quality nursing program, students will become better positioned to improve their economic status while contributing to high-quality patient care, in a California healthcare system with a workforce positioned to meet any demands the future may hold.

To achieve this goal, LA Unified Adult is thrilled to announce the hiring of Dr. Lisa Jones (PhD, MSN) as our Vocational Nursing Program Advisor. In her role, Dr. Jones will provide leadership, support and oversight in the planning, implementation and management of the LA Unified Adult vocational nursing program.

Having worked in acute care hospitals, community health agencies, and academic settings for over 30 years, Dr. Jones brings with her a wealth of healthcare experience. During her notable career, where she has overseen the operation of 32 community- and 15 school-based clinics, she has served in positions such as Assistant Dean, Registered Nurse Program Director, Assistant Vocational Nurse Program Director, Chief Nursing Officer, and Administrative Nurse Manager.
Dr. Jones, who holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Education, as well as a Master of Science in Nursing, aspires to educate those who have the desire to learn, yet may not have the tools, guidance or mentorship they need to realize their goals. Her educational philosophy is learning begins when the student understands or seeks information for a better understanding on how to enhance their professional practice.

A native Arkansan, Dr. Jones, who is one of nine children, moved to Compton, California after graduating high school. In California, she worked her way through a regional occupational program and went on to become a first-generation college graduate. While her parents, who worked in retail and industrial occupations, taught her the importance of a strong work ethic for achieving in life, it was the mentorships from an elderly neighbor and her K-12 teachers that taught her the power of education. This humble story of her upbringing is one she loves to share, inspiring others to realize their potential. Dr. Jones believes working with underserved populations brings hope, education, and compassionate care to those who are “off the grid” within our communities. Her goal is to encourage, educate, and inspire others through hearing peoples’ unique stories, understanding the context of each person’s life, building relationships and sharing her past challenges, to motivate students in succeeding regardless of their “unique” situation.

Dr. Jones promotes personal learning, professional development and career advancement in fulfilling the ongoing need for more nurses and nurse educators to gain higher learning in order to enhance patient outcomes. Her andragogy theory-based educational background includes teaching; course design; classroom and online curriculum development; test development; nursing education consultation; and simulation training, as well as the development of seminars and training programs. Her research studies include educating underserved communities on chronic diseases, specifically, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, heart failure in women, HIV/AIDS and community health disparities.
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