Harbor Occupational Center Student Finds New Opportunities

Todays student success story comes from Thiet Do, a student at Harbor Occupational Center. After his former employer shut down, Thiet took initiative and enrolled in computer and ESL classes at Harbor. He is now well on his way towards earning his IC3 (Internet Core Competency Certification) Digital Global Certification!
Read his story below:

My name is Thiet Do. I am from Vietnam and came to this country 16 years ago. I was working in the machine shop industry for over 10 years. Unfortunately, my company closed its business in California and moved to another state. EDD/TAA gave me the opportunity to educate myself and prepare for the future with new skills. They recommended I enroll at Harbor Occupational Center (HOC).

At HOC, I have had the opportunity to take computer classes and English as a Second Language (ESL) classes with several great instructors.

I am grateful to Harbor Occupational Center and its teachers because I have learned new technical skills and a new language.  I believe that with the acquired knowledge I have, I am better prepared to face the job industry, which requires 21st century skills.

My next goal is to continue my studies, earn my IC3 Digital Global Certification at HOC, and find a job where I can apply my new skills.


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